Walsh Family wins a Car 1962

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Walshes on Wheels: Monsignor Yaeger of Resurrection R.C. Church in Gerritsen Beach presents Mrs. Peggy Walsh with keys to the 1962 Mercury which "The Walsh Family" received at a church affair. Peggy & Pat Sr., as well as grandfather Pierce, little Pat Jr., Timmy, Jane and Anne, all of the Walsh clan, came along to make sure they really had the car--Peggy says "It's a Dream Come True." Patrick Walsh, father of this fine Gerritsen Beach family, is on the Police Force, and works with the Narcotics Squad. The Walsh family resides at 104 Beacon Court and have lived in Gerritsen Beach many years. Pat Sr. is the brother of John Walsh, an attorney, whose office is in Gerritsen beach, provides quarters for the BEACH NEWS.  (From the July 1962 Beach News;

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