Timothy McAuliffe 1918

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Timothy McAuliffe: This is a photo of lifelong Gerritsen Beach resident John McAuliffe Sr, father of Jack McAuliffe and grandfather of Timothy McAuliffe. John, or Jocko as he was known, is on the bottom row, right side, hands folded under his chin. This picture was taken in 1918 at the site of the former Sheepshead Bay race track. All the men in the photo were members 14th Infantry regiment which briefly trained at that location. The unit later became the 106th Infantry Regiment of the New York 27th Infantry Division.

John was wounded in France in World War I during the Somme Offensive, Ypres-Lys defensive sector. Today,his purple heart still proudly hangs in my house on Plumb 1 Street. (Courtesy Timothy McAuliffe)

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If you have not visited this page you might find it of interest:

My dad Charles G. Johnston served 1916 to 1920 but was not overseas.  I just sent in his photo, now posted to the Veterans page.  

He was in the 4th, and later 6th Coastal Artillery Corp (CAC) Ft. Monroe, VA.  He enlisted at Ft. Slocum, NY.  (He was born in 1895 in St. John's Newfoundland.  I'm now 65, he was 51 when I was born in 1946.  We moved to 48 Celest, December '46.  Mom lived there until 1972, dad died in 1955.  I've been in OH since '71

Rich Johnston