Tamahos Softball Team 1950

Posted by Bob C Bob C

This picture was sent to me by my Uncle Jim (James Nolan - now the Mayor of Indian Harbor Beach, Florida) who was born and raised in the beach. He left in 1966. He's one of my late father's (William) younger brothers. He could only remember four of the people in the picture. It was supposedly taken around 1950 (the year I was born). The picture is of the Tamaho Softball Team. They were named after the Tamaqua Bar & Grill, and Hoban's Bar. I'd like to know the names of all of the players in the picture if anyone knows them. In the rear row 4th from the left with the number 3 on his shirt is Jimmy Riley. Second from the right in the rear row is my uncle (Walter Nolan - my father's older brother). Front row 1st on the right is Reginald (Reggie) Jones. 3rd from the right is my father William (Willy or Bill) Nolan. It's not a great picture and I scanned this from a Xerox copy. My uncle still has the original. From what I can see it looks as though it was taken at the park across the street from Seba Avenue but I could be wrong about that. (Courtesy Claude Nolan)