June Walk 1934(2)

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In this photo, the parade is headed north toward the Whitney mansion. Fom Jim Roach: The structure picture in the '34 June Walk was originally a stable for the police horses, used to patrol the beach during the depression. When it was abandoned the older, unemployed "gentlemen" of the beach furnished it with an old sofa, chairs and a big drum to hold their empty booze bottles. During parades they would dress in their finest, and with their bottles of booze, "review" the parades. "Pop" Hannah was the only one receiving a retirement pension monthly, and was very generous with the kids, giving us nickles for ice cream and keeping his buddies in booze. Fr. Cox, of Resurrection, complained about this disgrace on the Avenue, so they got a group of friends to help them turn the structure around, and it then faced the fields. This must have been satisfactory to everyone because it stayed there for a long time. We (the kids) used to steal the bottles and get a penny apiece for them.

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