Hyman Ct 1930's

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The end of Hyman Court and Lois Avenue, just next to what is Kiddie Beach now, 1930s. You can see Plumb Beach and shanties across the creek . My (Ginny Holmes) grandmother, Carrie Nash, would swim here twice a day. You could swim across to Plumb Island without any trouble except staying out of the boats' way. My grandparents Carrie and John F. Nash were among the first group of city folks to buy lots and homes in the Old Section. I can remember walking down the streets barefooted. It was sandy. In later years they paved with black tar. You could tell the Beach kids by the black tar on the bottom of our feet. It was so hot. We had to run across the street; then the sand burned our feet instead.  (Courtesy Ginny Holmes)

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Ginny; I lived at 10 Hyman ct., then11 Hyman from 1952 until 1962. Your grandmother, Carrie Nash would give me money to get her seashells for her garden. I would pick blackberries and apples from her neighbors yard across from her house until she saw me one day and told me that was wrong. She then invited me into her home to have an apple or some other fruit. She attended St. James as I did and she presented me with a hymnal in 1960 that I still have sitting on my bedroom dresser today. She was the sweetest, kindest woman I ever knew. I loved her and will never, ever forget her. You can be very proud to have had such a wonderful grandmother.
   Len Gray