Gertrude Fetter (Ray) and Myrtle Aitken, 2002

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Gertrude Fetter (Ray), left,  and Myrtle Aitken, 2002, celebrating Mrs. Fetter's 80th birthday (Courtesy Jim Fetter)

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Re: Gertrude Fetter (Ray) and Myrtle Aitken, 2002

Not only were they sisters, they were great friends too......My mom,(Myrt) rode AmtTrack all night from FL to Va just to surprise Gert......When it was time to leave, they both rode back together to FL & stayed at my house for a week..........

       Every afternoon, my husband Barney & I took them out for lunch, & at the end of each meal, I told the  waitress that my Aunt Gert was celebrating her 80 birthday.....After every meal, Gert got a piece of birthday.
We celebrated her 80 birthday the whole week, & had a great time doing it!