Foot of Florence Ave Skating

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Photo dated 2/4/1945, showing a group at the foot of Florence Avenue getting ready to skate on  the Creek. Estelle Witkowski: Most of the people in the picture belonged to the Pilgrim Yacht Club. Charles Cobb is wearing the pork pie hat and white jacket towards the right of the picture. Joan(?) Carlson is wearing the white gloves, and Willie Moore, to the right of Joan and in back of her, is wearing a knit cap and is turned sideways. Jimmy O'Rourke also in a pork pie hat, but hidden by the 2 gentlemen in front. Also the older fellow on skates is Herbie Holdorf and his wife is the woman to the right standing alone. Mayor O'Rourke was there too, but only his hat is showing, behind the man near the dog. By the way, the dog belonged to Mayor O'Rourke, and his name was Pudgie, everybody knew Pudgie. The faces I remember, but right the names aren't coming to me. The tall man in the back with a cap, standing above the crowd, was named Bill and his sister was Margaret, the lady with the hat and glasses. Other names I can't recall right now. (Courtesy Estelle Canley Witkowski)

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