Collage of Guys in the service

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Some friends from the Beach who may still have families or friends who are still living there. (Clockwise from upper right: Bob Lane, Joe Caridi, Eddie Kienzle, Eddie Kienzle; the top left photo is cut off at the top.) Most of the boys joined the Navy, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marines during the war. Notice how we dressed back then--very neat. The girls wore hats, gloves, hose, and heels. The boys wore suits and overcoats, felt hats, and gloves. My (Ginny Holmes) date would walk from the Old Section to my house on Florence Avenue in the New Section. Then we walked to the bus stop on Gerritsen Avenue to ride to the Graham Theater or Avenue U, wherever we were going. he would walk me home and then back to his house in the Old Section. I can't see most young people doing that now! Most of us were in our teens--the boys joined up after high school graduation. (Courtesy Ginny Holmes)

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