Charley, Marion and Mrs. Strathearn visiting in North Virginia around 1985

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Charley, Marion and Mrs. Strathearn visiting  in North Virginia around 1985. Top row left to right: Charley Strathearn, Carl Fetter, Bill Ray, and daughter Linda. Bottom left to right,  Marion Strathearn, Mrs. Strathearn, Gertrude Fetter. The Strathearns lived on Garland Court between Everett and Devon Avenues. They had what could be the largest tree in Gerritsen Beach in their yard. Charlie was married to Marion. He also had a sister named Edie and a brother whose name I can't remember. Charlie I believe was very active in St. James. Something tells me it was a money-related responsibility. Charlie's mom, "Mrs. Strathearn," lived to be 90+ years old. Charlie used to work for Morton Salt as a salesman. He drove a vehicle with the Morton logo on it for years.  Another story is that Mrs. Strathearn was a midwife. (Courtesy Jim Fetter)