Bennick-Keenan 2000

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Reunion in Eustice Florida: On January 26, 2000 in Eustice, Florida two classmates from the class of PS194 met for the first time since graduation in June 1949. John Bennick and Dolores Aitken (Keenan). The reunion was made possible by the Gerritsen Beach Memories website. On the left of the picture is Dolores Keenan and her husband Barney Keenan. Barney is retired from the New York Fire Department. Barney and Dolores live in Eustice, Florida. On the right is John Bennick and his wife Karen Bennick (McKeague). Karen is from Rhineland, Wisconsin. John and Karen live in Oceanside, California. John is retired from the Las Vegas Police Department. (Courtesy John Bennick)

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