3170 Whitney Ave

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John Devitt: This is the ancestral estate, 3170 Whitney, circa late thirties, and that's me Da's car in the driveway.  Mom said that he used that car to do a Tea & Egg Route (he could get duck eggs if ya so desired) --I dug this up out of and old archive, just love the car and though this was to play box ball. There were four boxes and one had a crack in the cement, so that if the ball hit the crack in the cement it would go off on an indirect angle and you would often miss the ball if you weren't alert. I think we made up a rule that the player in that box rotated with each game to be fair, we would play this, or punch ball, all day and under the old street lights till  the folks called a 'time out'  for 'darkness'. Ahhh, those summier vacations, soo carefree! (Courtesy John Devitt)

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