1951 Bluejays Football

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Gerritsen Beach Blue Jays, around 1951. They played together for several years. (left to right) Front row: #58 Bobby Klopf, #41?, #3?, #95 John Rudden, #18 Howard Berntsen, #35 Billy Hall (maybe Hiat), #64 Bill Thorpe, #44 Joe Welsh, coach Tony Ferrara. Middle row (bending forward): ?, Danny Rogers, Jerry Romero, ?,  Ray Kennedy, Sonny Johnastad, Mike Daly. Back row (standing): ?, ?, ?, Joe Monahan, Frank (Brother) Brandow, Bill Farina, Jim (Red) Brandow, Billy Hurd, #53 Jimmy Leone, Pepper Martin. Not in photo: Joe Leone, Wally Hartsorne, Bunky Samuelsen, Jimmy Foy, Ed Finnigan, Brian Redmond, unless they are among the question marks.

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