1946 Resurrection Graduation Class

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Top Row, left to right:  William Creter+, Edwin Hall, George Chambers, James Arnold+, James Brandow, William Kapfer+, Joseph Riegler, Edward Dawson+, George McEwan+. Matthew Thompson, Arthur Eggers, Patrick O'Hara+.

2nd row from top, l to r:  Richard Dolan, Mary McEwan, Mary Donlon, Patricia Morrissey, Mary McHugh, Joan Kelly, Patricia Judge, Ellen Farndell, Catherine Larkin, Anita LaSpina, Gertrude Duggan, Theodore Felber.

3rd row from top, l to r:  Sister Gertrude; Robert Arnold+, Charles Campbell, Peter Norris+, Louis Ackerina+, Williams Gibbons+, John Murphy+, Daniel Mahady+, Edward Leahy+, George Broadhead, Robert Williams+, Jack Barlow, James Amberger, Sister Lucina+.

Front row, l to r:  Theresa Bauerlein, Joan Hardy, Agnes McDonald, Eileen Leahy, Elizabeth Foy, Father Ronahagan+, Kathleen Murray, Joan Leahy+, Lorraine Davidson, Madeline Hutter, Mary Koop.

(+: Known deceased, as of October 2006, reported by G. Broadhead.) Courtesy George Broadhead

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